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Don’t Let Pests Take Over Your Serpentine Property: Call Our Certified Pest Control Serpentine Team for Help.

Pests are annoying creatures that spread diseases and damage belongings. Getting rid of pests from your household can be a really tough task, better leave it for the professionals. Here at Mick’s Pest Control, we bring ease to your busy life and worry about pests with our service that protect the full house and furniture with stepwise pest control in Serpentine. Our team working for Pest Control Serpentine is the best when it comes to pest control, offering the best services. Contact us today at 08 6109 8217 to book our services.

  • Domestic pest control: Pests are a danger to your house and office, get pest treatment done today with our team for Pest control in Serpentine.
  • Commercial pest control: Imagine people coming to your restaurant or office who see pests and never visit again. Get your commercial area pest-controlled today. We are available 24/7 to provide this service in Serpentine.

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    Advantages of Employing Professional Pest Control Services

    Getting regular pest control done at your house, office, industry, or restaurant is a necessity. It’s not something that you can do yourself and the problem just goes away itself. One needs expertise, skill and knowledge to deal with pests. Hiring pest controllers can help you save time and it’s a one-approach to all your pest removal needs. Pest controllers work in an effective way. The professionals use pesticides that are safe with no side effects.

    Effective Pest Control Solutions in Serpentine: Timely Services You Can Trust

    At Mick’s Pest Control in Serpentine, we understand the importance of time. Being available for 365 days, we ensure to provide you with on-time pest control services in Serpentine. Since we also deliver same-day services, you can also expect us to show up in times of emergencies. Additionally, we exchange services for the most affordable pest elimination pests charges so that your monthly expenses can be stable. Our Professional pest control team will surely knock at your door at your preferred time.

    • Pest Inspection
    • Pest Fumigation
    • Pest Sanitization
    • Pest Disinfection
    • Pest Heat Treatment
    • End of Lease Pest Control
    • Possum Removal & Prevention
    • Pre-Purchase Pest Inspections

    Top Reasons to Trust Our Pest Control Services in Serpentine

    Mick’s Pest Control in Serpentine is a renowned name in the field of pest controllers. We never compromise in our work and work to our full potential to help you. Our team has completed 25+ years in the industry based on its quality services. Here are some other reasons for choosing us in Serpentine and other Perth suburbs:

    • Same-day service: Once you contact us, we can provide you with same-day services at no additional cost.
    • Emergency service: If your situation goes out of hand, we come to your doorstep in no time to help you.
    • Open 24×7, 365 days: Pests are annoying and never on a break so why should we be?
    • Experienced and trained in Pest control: All our staff are certified pest extermination experts with proper training so that you don’t face any problems.
    • Affordable cost: Our services are available at a reasonable cost so that you don’t burn a hole in your pocket.
    • Safe pesticides: We only make use of safe pesticides.

    Short Overview About Serpentine, Perth, WA

    Serpentine is a picturesque suburb located in Perth, Western Australia. It is known for its natural beauty, including scenic parks, rivers, and wildlife. The area offers a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, making it a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city life.

    Our Pest Control Services Are Available Near You


    1-2 in numbers, possums can be harmless and they may go away, but in large numbers, possums can be dangerous to your valuable belongings and property. If you have a weak foundation they can ruin it. So, yes pest control against them is necessary. Do not forget to follow the rules mentioned in the wildlife protection act of 1975.

    Once you book our services we reach your doorstep as soon as we can and start the work immediately. Depending on the situation it can take (2-6 hours) otherwise it’s a fast process.

    Yes, it’s not a do-it-yourself process. Pest control helps curb diseases in your household and promises a hygienic atmosphere. It saves your property from damage in various forms created by pests. Possums and wasps can affect walls and roof eaves.


    Great Pest Management

    16 August 2023

    This pest control company is excellent with great management. Surely recommend it to all my family and friends. The customer services are great and amazing. Help to keep pests away from your house. Thank you for such great services.

    S. Matta

    Appreciable Work

    12 August 2023

    We are very satisfied with the results of our pest control services. Using your team from the last year and your team comes up with a great solution. Resolved all the pest issues and we haven’t had any after that.

    C. Green

    Easily Accessible

    29 July 2023

    The pest control services from this company are easy to access. The company does a great job. We are delighted. I recommend such services to everyone. The technicians are great and provide great help.

    F. Stoman